Privacy Policy

A-Z Office Supplies is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customers service and protecting your privacy.A-Z Office Supplies collects personal information about individuals when sales to individuals occur, when we receive warranty claims, when we receive customer queries and when we collect information for marketing surveys.

Information gathered is usually contact details of a person/s within a company or organisation and is used for the purpose of credit, financial or employment purposes.

A-Z Office Supplies will use personal information only for the purposes for which it is collected. A-Z Office Supplies will not disclose personal information to anyone except as required by law. Access to personal information is only given to personnel within the company for the purpose of, Sales Orders Processing, Accounts and handling of all. We take extreme care to make sure that no personal information is shared.

A-Z Office Supplies will not give or sell your information to any other third party. Information that you provide will only be used by A-Z Office Supplies
You are able to and may unsubscribe fro our mailing list at anytime.

If in the course a using A-Z 's web site you provide personal information about yourself, you agree that we may make an information or database record about you and that A-A- Z Office Supplies can use the information provided by you to provide the products and services requested by you. In particular, A- Z Office Supplies may require names and addresses to deliver products and services to you.

This privacy policy may change without notice, and we recommend that you refer to this document before providing us with any information.